Youth Leadership Hall

Youth Leadership Hall (YLH) is a leadership development program that informs, motivates and increases the awareness of selected high school juniors and seniors through interaction with community leaders. The program is an investment in the community’s future leadership.   It is our goal to build individual leadership skills, foster positive group dynamics and increase civic and community involvement while creating youth development and youth leadership.

Since the first graduating class in 2006, more than 800 students have successfully completed the program.

Through a series of sessions combining lectures and tours, students learn about such topics as:  Judicial System, Tourism, Economic Development, Social Services and Career Development.  While each year follows a similar format, each class is adjusted to meet the specific needs and interests of the class while also staying abreast of current events and new venues.

Participants will…

  • Be given the opportunity to network with business leaders throughout community;
  • Gain career knowledge from a large variety of sources;
  • Gain valuable leadership skills, develop excellent communication skills while realizing the importance of a team;
  • Find their self-esteem is enhanced and verbal expression deepened;
  • Improve their sense of civic responsibility and servant leadership by participating in community service projects;
  • Develop relationships with students with different backgrounds including, ethnic, religious, and cultural groups while interacting with peers from all public and private schools in Hall County;
  • Share in hands-on activities and team building exercises outside of the classroom walls;
  • Develop increasing awareness of their community;
  • Get excited about returning and contributing to our community after college;
  • Find the program enhances classroom curriculum by real world applications; and
  • Become more confident, self-motivated leaders ready to make their mark in our community.


The selection process begins in January with application information being sent to each school. Using the program objectives and eligibility requirements as a guideline, individual educators nominate their student of choice.  Potential participants are asked to complete an application and provide two letters of reference from a community leader and an educator.

In March, each finalist will be interviewed by a Selection Committee comprised of members of the business community and educators. The Selection Committee strives to achieve balance in the class by ensuring diversity of race/ethnicity, gender, and schools. All applicants are notified of the results of the selection process in April of each year.


Class members are chosen by their own merits based upon their application.  The committee seeks representation from a cross-section of each school and must be a rising junior or senior in high school in Gainesville-Hall County.


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YLH begins every August with a Parent/Student Orientation and Reception.  Students meet for six (6) programs with graduation occurring in April.  Each program is from 8:00am to 3:30pm and is an excused absence from school.

100% participation and completion is mandatory in order to graduate from YHC.  Any portion of days missed must be made up.  This is a serious time commitment, and participants not complying with the attendance requirement will be dismissed from the program.

Contact Andi Tippins, Vice President of Education, 770-532-6206 x 113 or email Andi